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Designer & Educator

Grad School Experiments

Experiments and small projects, assigned and unassigned, made in grad school. 

Imaginary Museum

The Imaginary Museum project was a collaboration between MICA’s Curatorial Practice MFA and Graphic Design MFA. Curation and concept for museum by Kirsten Poulsen-House.

The Museum of Craigslist explores the values of collecting, acquiring, and networking through the universal, online platform of Craigslist. The Museum focuses on objects, their accompanying narratives, and how human interactions are transforming. 

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Globe notebooks




My first typeface, Gordo. Named after the town in Alabama where I really learned how to letterpress print back in 2009, ’10, and ’11.


alter ego

This project was the result of an exploration into an alter ego that was discovered in a weekend workshop lead by Silas Munro. As part of this conceptual design project, we were tasked with building a fictitious persona that amplifies, undermines, or rediscovers an aspect of ourselves. My alter ego is Walker, a Seeker: Urban Scout in Baltimore, Maryland. She explores and seeks the vernacular, structure, and texture of cities. She wanders, walks, and bikes through the urban fabric—documenting her findings along the way. 


Grandma’s Cookies


Rehashing ephemeral trending hashtags into tangible paper sculptures.

Patient ID

MICA Social Design and the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design collaborated to examine the current practices in hospital patient identification, including the ID bracelet and other approaches, to identify causes of wrong procedures. In cooperation with the nurses and doctors at the Yale and Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine, MICA and CEID faculty and students facilitated a process of research, prototyping and testing to identify opportunities to improve the system of patient identification.