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Exit Through the (NPR) Gift Shop

Copied my interview from the NPR Intern Blog below! Original here. What a great summer.


Name: Amanda Buck

Internship Position: UX/Visual Design Intern

Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio

College/University: I went to Ohio State University for undergrad and I’m currently a grad student at MICA.

Major: MFA in Graphic Design

What drew you to NPR? I like working within the public realm. I am a huge fan of NPR and was excited about the possibility of working on projects that affect NPR listeners everywhere. 

What do you think separated you from other candidates applying for your internship? Being a grad student, I think I had more experience than other candidates. Also, my dedication to mission-driven work is apparent from my portfolio. Plus, my in-person interview went really well! I connected with the team right away. 

Describe some of your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. Digital Media’s process is agile, so we have daily scrums: one for the design team and then another for the specific project team you’re on. My duties day-to-day have changed for each scrum cycle, but all of the work we do is for NPR’s digital platforms: the website, blogs, mobile and tablet apps, connected television, connected cars, wearables, etc.

What’s your commute to NPR like? Since I go to school in Baltimore, I decided to stay there for the summer. I commute everyday on the MARC train, which takes about 1.5 hours each way door-to-door. It’s a long commute, but I’ve fit lots of reading in this summer!

Top three #NPRLife moments of your internship? Go.
1. Seeing some incredible Tiny Desk Concerts, including The Family Crest, Luluc, and Rodrigo Amarante. The Digital Media desks are close to NPR Music’s so I never missed a show!

2. Witnessing the live finale of Tell Me More with Michel Martin. Live radio is seriously amazing.

3. Being here when our teams in Digital Media soft-launched NPR One, the new NPR app. It was a great learning experience and I’m so happy I was able to be a (very, very small) part of it. So much hard work went into this app!

Favorite NPR show or podcast? I am a daily Morning Edition and All Things Considered listener. I also like Fresh Air, All Songs Considered and Planet Money Podcasts. Hard to pick a favorite…

Favorite album or song right now? Saintseneca’s Dark Arc.

What did you work on this summer? I worked on trying to solve these problems: How does the nav drawer look in NPR One for Android? How would NPR One work in a Connected Car? How can we add the search and suggestions functionalities of the NPR One mobile/tablet apps to the web app? What do sponsorship and promotions look like in the NPR One apps, across devices? I also spruced up the NPR Reddit page and am currently writing blog posts about what the Digital Media design team has been working on this summer. 

Words of wisdom for future NPR interns? Take advantage of your time here. There is so much to learn so make appointments with folks outside of your team to learn more about the organization as a whole. Even if you’re super busy, go to all of the things (intern events, Tiny Desks, etc.)!

The Exit Through The (NPR) Gift Shop series is a continuous effort to showcase the diversity of young talent at NPR. Interviews were coordinated by Hugo Rojo. Photos by Colin Marshall.