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Share Graphics

While working for the Obama campaign, one of the most common projects that came up (almost daily) were share graphics. These images were strategically emailed or posted on specific Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and/or the official blog, and had a lifespan of anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Often, these graphics felt insignificant in the scheme of things, especially while simultaneously working on a more in-depth project. Plus, the turn-around always seemed unrealistically quick, but somehow, we'd manage to finish in time.

They had tremendous impact. It always amazed me to see the statistics. In some cases, millions of people viewed, hundreds of thousands liked/re-tweeted/shared, or commented. From these graphics, many thousands of people donated to the campaign, signed up for events, or joined in in the movement... all things that helped re-elect the President.

Many of us on the design team had a hand in the campaign's share graphics, but here is a selection of some of my favorites.